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Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road будет частью Union χ

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (Project Xehanort) — Release Date & News

Check out the preview of the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road (Kingdom Hearts mobile game ,Project Xehanort). Include info on its latest news, when it comes out, gameplay detail, and platform.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road — Release Date & Basic Info

Check out more detailed info from below!

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What Is Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

New Mobile Game For Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, which is a tentative name for new mobile game of Kingdom Hearts, will be releasing in the Spring of 2020. It will revealed the secret of why Xehanort has become the seeker of darkness.

Pre-release Campaign

Collaboration With Kingdom Hearts Union χ

Square Enix announced that the detail of Kingdom Hearts gameplay and the collaboration event with Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] (KHUX). The genre of this game seems to be high speed card battle game that depends on your reflexes.

Guess The Name Campaign

The Guess the Name Campaign is here! Tell us what YOU think the title of the new KH experience will be and win big!

10 winners will be selected! Campaign ends 1/28 at 6:59 p.m. PT!

For official rules and conditions, view the rules here: https://t.co/G8NEwh5gEo

— Project Xehanort (@projectxehanort) January 23, 2020

Since Project Xehanort is a tentative game title, the official twitter is conducting a campaign to guess the official game title. Participate this campaign for a chance to win 0USD Amazon Gift Card. For more detail of the campaign, visit the official site.

Hint: 8 letters 2 Words

The new title will be 8 letters and 2 words. Use this hint to guess the right answer! Japanese Twitter Account is doing exactly same campaign and it is mentioning that new title will be 6 letters in Japanese . It might be a good hint if you know Japanese Katakana (or Kanji?).

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▶Kingdom Hearts Dark Road — Official Page

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road будет частью Union χ

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Android Police

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road delayed past planned spring release, new info expected in June

This story was originally published 2020/02/19
6:26am PST on Feb 19, 2020 and last updated 2020/05/19
7:20am PDT on May 19, 2020 .

Square Enix has revealed a new Kingdom Hearts game for mobile, and it’s tentatively titled Project Xehanort . The reason for this placeholder name is so Square Enix can drum up press by asking everyone to join a Twitter campaign to guess the game’s name.

Now, I would like to point out that Square Enix often holds its cards close to its chest, rarely sharing meaningful gameplay videos or screenshots for its free-to-play mobile games, so it’s hardly a surprise to see the company lean into this attitude with the launch of today’s «guess the name» campaign for Project Xehanort. Not only does this tactic allow the company to show nothing of the title during this public announcement, but it’s also an easy way to get attention for what essentially boils down to an ad campaign. As you can guess, I’m not a fan of companies that announce games with nothing to show, especially when it’s done on purpose.

Since Square Enix is so tight-lipped, we don’t know much about Project Xehanort, but what is known is that the game will contain in-app purchases and that it will be available on Android, Amazon, and iOS this spring. Past that, there’s little to go on. However, if you take a look at the only two tweets from the official Project Xehanort Twitter account, you’ll notice that the word «experience» is used in both instances when describing the game, and when coupling this insight with the fact that IAPs will be available, it’s probably a safe bet to assume the game will be free-to-play while pushing expensive IAPs.

If you’d like to participate in the Twitter campaign to guess the name of Project Xehanort, all you have to do is follow the new @ProjectXehanort account, and then add in a comment with your guess while including the #KHNameContest hashtag. Only one entry per Twitter account is allowed per day, and entrants may not submit entries through more than one account, or else they will be disqualified. This campaign will end on January 28th, at 6:59PM PT, and ten winners will be selected on that date.

  • Source:
  • Twitter,
  • Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix reveals Project Xehanort’s official name

Two weeks ago, we learned that Square Enix has a new Kingdom Hearts experience planned for 2020, and at the time, the project was tentatively named Project Xehanort. Of course, Square Enix being Square Enix, the company made an event out of the unnamed project, allowing fans to guess the name of the game on Twitter as part of a contest. Well, that contest is now over, and the official name of the project has been revealed.

The official title for Project Xehanort is KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD

Additional info will be released after mid-February.

For the winners of our #KHNameContest, we will begin sending direct messages through this account soon. Thank you for your patience. #KHDR pic.twitter.com/gkwr2podgv

— KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD (@kh_dr_na) January 31, 2020

As you can see in the tweet above, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is the official title of Project Xehanort, and more details about the game will be shared sometime after the middle of this month. So if you’re keen to have Square Enix drip feed you news about Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, I suppose you’ll want to keep an eye on the official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account . Of course, once Square Enix actually bothers to reveal something substantial about the project, you can expect to find further coverage here as well. Until then, enjoy guessing what Square Enix has up its sleeve.

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Oh boy, Square Enix is really on a tear with the upcoming release for Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. A month ago, the company chose to run a ridiculous campaign asking fans to guess the name of the title, and today the company has revealed that Dark Road will be released inside of the existing mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union χ . Clearly, Square Enix is looking to leverage the fanbase of Union χ by squeezing the entirety of Dark Road into the app. The good news is that Dark Road will still function as a stand-alone release since Square Enix will allow players to launch either of the two games from Union χ’s title screen.

Beyond the newly-announced launch method for Dark Road, details are still light, most likely because Square Enix is set on drip-feeding details about this title to continually stir up interest, and so all we know right now is that the game will arrive sometime after mid-February inside of Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

  • Source:
  • Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix delays the launch of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Due to current conditions, development for KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD has been delayed.

We apologize for the late update, as we were trying to find some means of making a Spring release.

Another announcement will be coming in early June, so please stay tuned.#KHDR pic.twitter.com/xW0hWWcfFF

— KINGDOM HEARTS DARK ROAD (@kh_dr_na) May 19, 2020

It would appear that the coronavirus has thrown a wrench in Square Enix’s plans to bring Kingdom Hearts Dark Road to Android this spring, and so the game has been delayed. The official Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Twitter account has stipulated that another announcement is expected in early June. So it would stand to reason that we’ll learn more about when to expect the official release of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road in the coming month.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Union X Dark Road New Info And Discussion

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Video Game / Kingdom Hearts χ

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The eighth (excluding remakes) game in Disney and Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts series, Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] note pronounced «key» is a Web Game on PC Browsers. It uses a graphic style similar to Final Fantasy Brigade and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Tetsuya Nomura has stated that despite its many ties to Kingdom Hearts III, it is not essential to understanding III, but it will «enrich» your experience of said game.

Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] takes place before the first Keyblade War, which in The ‘Verse is roughly the equivalent to mankind’s fall in the Garden of Eden. You are a young citizen of Daybreak Town. The Heartless have invaded, and just as you are about to be attacked, a mysterious Foreteller saves you. They provide you with a Keyblade, and tell you that they are one of five Foretellers, who have foreseen The End of the World as We Know It. They charge you to go through the worlds and collect Light to challenge the encroaching Darkness. To assist, they leave behind Chirithy, an Exposition Fairy and mentor mascot that resembles a pudgy cat to assist you.


Can you Screw Destiny and prevent the franchise from ever happening? Or is it that You Can’t Fight Fate?

Iterations of this game include:

  • Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]: The original browser version released only in Japan. Ended service in September 2016 following the release of Unchained χ [chi], concluding with a special browser-only ending called «Unchained 0».
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ [chi]: The Updated Re-release of χ [chi]. While following most of the core concepts introduced in the original game, the vast majority of mechanics are overhauled and adapted for the mobile audience. This version also introduces an updated version of the original game’s story. Released for iOS and Android devices in Japan in September 2015, while the game went overseas in April 2016.
  • Kingdom Hearts Union χ [cross]: A title update for Unchained χ [chi]. Introduces the story’s «second season», as well as additional features such as Co-Op Multiplayer. Launched in Japan in March 2017, and overseas in April 2017.


An hour-long short movie entitled Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover was released with the compilation Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue. Back Cover acts as a supplement to the story of χ, detailing the inner feud between the Foretellers from behind the scenes.

A novelization of the game has been published and releases on December 24, 2019 in English as Kingdom Hearts X: Your Keyblade, Your Story.

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